Wonderful day, Bob Marley & Axl Rose birthdays’

Well, two of the biggest stars share today their birthday, so actually I love both, but each one has his own style and his own music, first we have to king of reggae, Robert Nesta Marley Booker or better known as Mister BOB MARLEY, he born in Jamaica and died too young but his music is widely known for everybody and to who don’t like song like “A lalala long”, “Is this love”, “One Heart”, “Could you be loved” and others one.

Next, we have a sexy and gorgeous man Axl Rose widely known as composser and singer lead of Guns & roses, this boy has been prize with a lot awards like the best singer and more, he is actually alive and still being a sensation for all their fans that we love him and adore him like singer and musician.

These guys have filled my life with their faboulous music and they give me too inspiration for being a good singer, (well i hope to be a good one), no more to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS. ♥