Why Not Share The Things I Love

Today is all about sharing and celebrating the things you love (Even though I believe this should occur year round). Sure, I’m single and haven’t recieved a text from the guy I like (Bummer). But I thought why not celebrate the things I adore instead of sitting in bed asking myself why I’m single.

1. Crave: For King and Country

These guys are such a force to be reckon with in the music world. Not only are they fantastic song writers but they are one of my favorite groups to see live. I’ve been IN LOVE with this album since January of last year. It landed in my lap as an early Vday gift from a boy before it was released, and I’ve been hooked ever since. ‘Middle of Your Heart” and “Proof of Your Love” are perfect songs for today.

2. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

Yes, It’s true. I want to be just like them when I grow up. They are one of my favorite hollywood marriage couples. The way they both cherish each other makes me swoon. They both support each others career and Nicole is one of my fashion icons.

3. Almost Famous

It’s tradition that I watch Almost Famous on Valentines Day. It’s one of my all time favorite movies and Penny Lane is my spirit animal. I think Pennys story about falling for a musician who in the end doesnt appericate her until shes gone is heartfelt. I could watch this movie a thousand times and never be sick of it.

4. Cupcakes

I adore cupcakes, I mean who doesn’t. It’s perfectly okay to eat a dozen on a day like today. I will no doubt be baking a few batches and decorating.

5. Steven Tyler

Are you shocked he’s on my list? Probably not, but he needed to be included. I just watched The Making Of Pump and I pretty much fell in love with him. He’s one of the people that I want to get inside of his head. His passion and love for music is on the same level as me.

Happy Valentines Day Buzznet Pals. Spend today making a list of things you adore. You’re all adored by me!