What I Love…

Ok, I reminded to have an amazing pic I shot a while ago and I thought to use it for this little V-Day project.

I know it can sound banal and obvious, but I completely love music, it’s something I can’t describe with real words, probably only who feels the same or very similar can understand me.

I think this is a great pic for describe what I feel for music.

This is my stereo and I personalized with a lot of stickers I found on BRAVO magazines with all my favorite artists (or at least a great part) and obviously inside the stereo, one of my favorite albums of my huge collection: Femme Fatale by Britney Spears.

I always say it: music is my best friend and it will never betray me! I know it for sure!

So in this V-Day I’m going to spend it listening all my favorite artists thinking to my lovely angel and dreaming about our future.

Lots of love