Do Want: Google Glass

When I signed into my Twitter account this morning, many of my tweeps were going on about Google Glass. Naturally, I had to check out what all the hullabaloo was. Once I checked out the hash tag, I watched some really rad video of people in airplanes doing loop de loops after sky diving out of hot air balloons or whatever. Then, I started reading articles where everyone called for the dawning of their tin foil hats because Google Glass was set upon the world to devour everyone’s privacy like locusts unto crops in a biblical plague of yore.

Le Google Glass – 2nd video

I guess the first video is of people doing more everyday kind of things in NYC. You know, like being rude and buying bagels and hailing cabs to the subway and junk.

I have to admit, all of that looks pretty cool. The thing is, I don’t do any of that stuff, not even the birthday parties because I hate cake. That’s right, team pie right here. I also can’t deal with things being on my face and that’s probably why I don’t have a boyfriend but whatever. If I had Google Glass, I would probably just use it to look stuff up, like when the person looks up info on the jellyfish at the aquarium.

There are all types of settings where Google Glass would be awesome. Things like teaching doctors about surgeon stuff, sharing rad vacation times with your family, or just capturing really neat images for whatever social platform you use would probably be cool.

Of course, things could get very “big brother-y” really quickly and while all of that is scary, will that be outweighed by the awesomeness that this tool which brings us closer to the singularity might bring? I bet that pill chugging Kurtzweil has a technology boner for these glasses already. The future promises to be weird.

Want to get in on the Google Glass experience? They’re looking for a few good folk like yourself, so check this out if that tickles your pickle.

Would you wear Google Glasses? Thoughts? Let us know!