Tim Noyes Puts Matters Into His Own ‘Hands’

As I’m sure you all know from reading my blog, I live for finding new music! I tend to discover new bands and artists in the strangest ways. Some might even call it “serendipity.” While researching for my last post on the band Leagues, I discovered Tim Noyes. One listen to his song “Saturday” and I was a goner.

Tim Noyes has spent the last three years as the singer/songwriter for New England based indie/folk band Aunt Martha. He is now branching out on his own with a brand new solo album, In Hands, out February 19th. I got a special preview of the album and I must say that it is definitely worth every penny.

In Hands features folky melancholy melodies while taking on the vibe of lonely cold nights in New York City which I know all too well. Needless to say I’m smitten with this album…I can’t wait to get my ‘hands’ on it! 😉

Check out the video for “Saturday” below:

Go here for tour dates and a free download of “Saturday.”

What do you think of Tim Noyes? Leave a comment below!

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