Three For Free: The Darling Mundaring, These Ghosts and The Virgins Give Away Their Music

Philip Lupke of Germany received a €13,500 iTunes gift card last Wednesday for downloading Monkey Drums (Goskel Vancin Remix)‘ by Chase Buch, which just happened to be the 25-billionth song sold on iTunes. For the rest of us, here’s three artist giveaways which may not be worth €13,500 but still shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The Darling Mundaring

Wistful, charming and powerful are just some of the positive adjectives that can be used to describe The Darling Mundaring‘s 21st century brand of folk. If you feel the need to unwind, make the soothing voice of Crystal Alice your soundtrack – and thanks to the band’s generosity, you don’t even have to worry about the price tag.

You can download ‘Nathaniel‘ for free via Soundcloud.

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

These Ghosts

In anticipation of their second album, These Ghosts are giving away a double A-side single for their patient fans. As well as this, their 2010 debut full-length is also available for free. What’s more is that those who download the songs will be subscribed to the band’s newsletter and get to hear an exclusive preview of their upcoming album very soon.

You can download ‘Throw The Windows Open / Footsteps On A Frozen Lake‘, as well as ‘You Are Not Lost, You Are Here‘, via Bandcamp.

Official links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

The Virgins

It’s been almost five years since The Virgins‘ debut album, but they’ve finally announced plans to release its follow-up ‘Strike Gently‘ in March. The NY band also premiered their latest single ‘Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams‘ through The Rolling Stone, which you can download for free too.

You can download ‘Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams‘ following the links below.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Which free download do you prefer?