Today I want to show you my new support video for everyone who needs.


Life is the most valuable treasure which you have received. It’s composed of many elements, like a puzzle. Sometimes, the pieces might not fit together, but for sure you will find the correct ones.

Striving for your dreams to come true, happy life with family and friends is shaped in subconscious. When we’re growing up, the system of values is often changed. We make decisions which can be hard. Sometimes you encounter obstacles, but for sure you will overcome these. You must just believe in yourself.

Desire to be accepted is something more than we can imagine. Acceptation is unlimited faith in your possibility. Under the condition that it isn’t connected with threat to your health or life. Ability to overcome own fears. Find the strength inside your body and the feeling of being valuable.

On your way through life, you might meet people who want to turn off your fire. They do not care about you. They want to feel better of themselves by hurting you. Don’t allow them to do it. During hard moments bad habits can relieve, but it’s just an illusion. You don’t deserve to suffer. Your purpose is to be loved.

To say “stop” to the pain isn’t easy, but in every moment you can do it. The sooner the better. If you watch this video, today you should take the first step to recovery. I’m here for you and I’ll help you through this hard time.

Often you think that self-harm is the only solution for your problems. It’s not true. When you do it, you hurt yourself, your family and friends. I know how you feel and I know that you are better than it.

When your image in the mirror is distorted. When you don’t know who you are. When you feel like someone is hidden in your mind and controls you. When you can’t eat. When you don’t eat. When you feel more fat. When you “friend” says to you that you are a nobody and that the world hates you.

Please, don’t believe in it. She’s the enemy. Don’t trust her. The words which come floating from her mouth are the suffering of the mind, a broken soul.

Please, open your eyes and fight for your life.

Special for you I wrote some advices which can help you through it.

1.If you know someone from your family, school or you have good friend(s), please talk to them about your problem. Don’t forget that your parents and teachers were young too, and they know how you feel.

2.If you can’t talk with someone, try to contact some organization, foundation which can help you, e.g. TWLOHA or a hot line…

3.Try to write a diary, put your feelings in there.

4.Write poems, stories, blogs, draw, take photos- it will make your soul more free.

5.Exercise a lot. The body loves endorphins.

6.Eat healthy food and drink mineral water.

7.Spend a lot of time in parks, forests- organism needs pure air to breathe.

8.Watch funny animal movies- the smile on your face will not say goodbye!!

9.Take a relaxing break during the day. We are humans and we need it.

10.Love yourself.

Don’t forget. You aren’t alone. Always there is someone who will help you through hard moments. I believe in you so much. Be strong. Don’t give up. Just breathe.

I want to thank you so much Kellee Maize and Outcast Youth for agree on use songs, and SuperForace for correct my text.

I put these advices earlier in “How To Say Stop: Self Harm “