Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard

Currently trying to unwind from Fashion Week. I haven’t had a day or half a day off since it ended. I kinda feel like I was thrown into a tornato. If I could have 12 hours of sleep and a few hours to vedge out I would probably feel great! I never had a probalem balencing personal life and work but Im feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment. Not enough time in the days. I need to hire a part time assitant to help with work projects I think.

Started yesterday off with cupping and accupuncture and still in a slight daze from it. Hoping to sneak away from my office and go to some museums at some point today. Sunday should be a universal day off! All I want to do it start painting and finish up some projects, so many new ones starting all the time.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.. looking forward to getting back to my normal blogging!