Sunday Polyvore Style Moodboard 2/3

Im currently drinking an apple, carrot, ginger, grapefruit, beet juice and eating a vegan BLT. I was up in the air about fashion week over the past few days but have decided to attend. It’s a week of craziness in the most intense way possible. No time for anything really. Tonight I will start pulling looks and outfits but when it’s 20 degrees and snowing and your trying to catch cabs and rush all over the city, it’s really hard to dress the way you would prefer!

Hoping to launch Crystal Cactus tonight! I have a few finishing touches to add on and a few more products to complete! Im opening it with a handful of different items, but I can’t wait to add more. Finishing my mood and dream boards is also on todays agenda! I have been so inspired and have to finish as much as I can before Fashion Week. I have been in creative overdrive, no makeup, comfy clothing and long hours.

current obsessions: dream catchers, white candles, calm yogi tea, flower petal baths, beet juice, mint facemasks, DIYS, sleeping in, rose lip gloss, lighter eyebrows, saying what’s on your mind, early yoga classes and indoor lemon trees.