DIY! Organize Your Life!

Spring is ahead of us which means: SPRING CLEANING! I’m starting to get in the mode this past week and I have started in my kitchen. I will start posting some CHEAP, EASY, NOT TIME CONSUMING DIY tricks to organize and simplify your kitchen, room, office & more!

My first stop was my shelves that held too many bag clips, bags of oatmeal that spill every time I moved them, brown sugar that hardens and too many duplicates of things because I could never see what I had already.

Here is one I did this morning that took no longer than 30 minutes!

What you need:

– 1 case of mason jars (I used quart jars, use whatever size YOU need. Local grocers, Walmart, Target etc)

-Labels (I bought mine off Amazon, chalk board stickers that I can wipe off and re use for different things!)

-Stuff to organize!

Follow these next self explanatory steps to give your cabinets some character and organization! 😀