Question Of The Day: Who Do You Want To Be Your Valentine?

I’ve been trying to write out this Question of the Day for about 2 hours now but mostly I was distracted by burritos, the internet, and then I was coloring a little bit in photoshop. I get distracted really easily and I am fickle and that’s probably why I don’t have a Valentine. That’s cool though. I’m going to eat hella food tomorrow and take myself out so couples can point at me and laugh as I eat at a table for one.

Enough about by mai sad lyphe. Please enjoy some Supernatural ValenDean’s Day cards:

Soooo since I am in love with an angel, my anwer to this QOTD is pretty obvi. I’d still eat pie with Dean though. I’m just sayin. This has taken me so long just to write this so I am going to cut it short. You should tell me who you want for your ValDean’s Day. Go!

Who do you want to be your Valentine?