Question Of The Day: How Do You Show People That You Care For Them?

As I sit in my apartment and watch all the Supernatural ever, I can’t help but scour the intranets and look at everything ever made that has to do with this show. While there is a lot to look at, I believe that I have found probably the cutest thing ever that has to do with Destiel (I ship it):

.~* So adorbz – FRM here *~.

Anyway, here’s the point: If someone loved me, they would get me that cute ass Castiel teddy bear. From where, I don’t know exactly. Is that a Build A Bear kit? Also, that is the best Destiel image because it’s not well, if you knew what people did with that ship, you would have this reaction:

That actually isn’t that bad. I mean that’s more tolerable than that other part of the fandom that ships Dean & Sam. I digress.

Back to the topic of showing people how you care for them. For me, when I care about someone, I do a lot of little things for them. You know, I like to make their life as unstressful as I can. I also clean a lot, which is weird. I do that for my friends a bunch. In high school, my friend’s moms would like having me over because I cleaned everything. The point is, if I care about you, I want you to be able to relax when you are around me and anything that I can do to get you to do that really isn’t a stretch for me to do. Oh and I’ll bring you food. Delicious food.

What about you? What do you do to show people that you care? Tell me stuff.

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