Question Of The Day: How Should I Put This?

As I sit here and think about things to write, I am distracted by images of the largest known prime number and leg exercise routines because today is leg day. I’m also wondering why people say some of the things they say.

I don’t know if I am overly sensitive or if I’ve been on the internet too long (hooray SJ communities) but sometimes people just say things that make me go “What the actual F are you talking about?” It just makes me sad because sometimes you think some people would know a little better. It’s like when everyone was getting mad at everyone for using the word “gay” as an adjective meaning “crappy” or w/e. Everyone is so sensitive these days. I know I am.


I guess what I am getting at is this: Has there ever been anyone you looked up to/admired that has said something that made you like them a little less?

And that’s the Question of the Day. It’s kind of long and it didn’t fit in the title section. It’s an interesting question to me, anyway. A lot of us have different things that rub us the wrong way, so it makes me wonder just what makes you question people’s misuse of words. I don’t think people mean to be offensive unless they are trying to deliberately hurt you but it happens.

It’s like that one dad that let his daughter sit on a baby manatee:

Who actually does that? He took the baby manatee OUT OF THE WATER so that he could help his “daughters experience the world.” No. Animals are not your play things/seesaw. That actually happened and now the dude has been arrested. Jerk. He probably didn’t mean to be an asshat to a baby sea creature but he was. There are laws protecting manatees. His kids probably will get salmonella.

Anyway, discuss. Let me know if someone has ever let you down by something you thought was awful.