Question Of The Day: What Was The Last Thing To Get Stuck In Your Head?

There is so much starting to happen right meow. A lot of things that I like are all starting and soon I will need to buy things which will mean that I shall be broke. It seems like everyone I love is touring soon and OMG, I need to go see some shows.

:: F A N G I R L I N G ::

Morrissey, How To Destroy Angels, Nine Inch Nails, IAMX & many more all have shows coming up and I need to get my bunz out there to see them/buy merch.

Why am I bringing all this up? Well, let me tell you! Mostly it is because once I get excited about things, I need to immerse myself in them so that I get EXTRA excited about whatever it is that I am loving at le moment. Kind of like how I like using all the Supernatural gifs currently.

Love you, Becky! Mean It!

Also, I am bringing this all up because I am catching a case of the excite with Sara Scoggins. If you didn’t know, Sara loves Paramore. Her love for all things Paramore is maximum and this morning we were singing along to this clip in our best cat meow voices:

So that happened and it was, wait for it:

~ A W E S O M E ~

So yeah. Parameows was the last thing that got stuck in my head and I am not afraid to admit it. How about you? Feel free to tell us about any ear worms, movie quotes, quotes in general, or anything else that has been living in your brain that you just can’t shake, like feels or w/e.

What was the last thing to get stuck in your head?