Question Of The Day: If You Had To Give Something Up, What Would It Be?

Hello internet friends! Happy Party Gras. Or Shrove TuesPancakes Day. Or w/e. I don’t feel completely assbutt-ish because most of my congestion has gone out of my face, so that’s happening. I am getting better, I think. I just want to go running and do bikes again.

That was my face talking to my head cold.

Since today is Mardi Gras, that means that we will talk once again about giving things up. Before anyone gets all “Get ur religion out of my face (because this is a Lent thing sorta),” you need to just stop. It’s not that srs. It’s a hypothetical. Does anyone here observe Lent? OMG MOVING ALONG.

The funny thing about Lent is that I did it because it was a tradition that I was brought up with. I did it out of habit up until 2001 and then I started to wonder “why” I practiced it at all. I didn’t really believe in all of that malarkey for a while and so I stopped believing in it altogether, much to my familiy’s chagrin.

My family on trying to convert me ^

Strangely, giving up meat for Lent way back then caused me to go vegan, so at least there was that. And now I am an Atheist. I just think all of that is funny, the way it turned out. Oh and I guess I am a weird cliche but w/e, I am happy with my life choices.

Anypoop, since Lent is all about giving things up because our homeboy in the sky didn’t eat when the Apple maps on the iPhone gave him the wrong directions and he got lost in the desert, let’s talk about giving things up hypothetically.

When I was small, I would usually give up things like candy or soda. Sometimes I would make secret pacts with myself that I wouldn’t tell anyone about like “I won’t think about giving boys hugs” and other self hating junk because I was a baby ‘mo.

If I had to give up something now, I would give up maybe beer but I’m not really going to do that because of reasons. Now it’s your turn!

If you had to give up something you love right meow, what would it be?