Question Of The Day: Who Was Your First Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Boo Boo Bears! Despite my constantly grumpy outlook on all things breathing, I am in rather high spirits because everyone else is feeling wonderhugs. Today shouldn’t really feel any different than any other day, I suppose, but I kind of feel like everything doesn’t suck, which is different from most days. It’s not even that I have a valentine or anything dumb like that, it’s just sunny and junk, I had a sufficient amount of sleep, and I’m getting a haircut later. Yay!

~ I can’t with this guy ^ he’s my everything ~

Anyway, let’s talk about first valentine’s stuff.

I don’t really recall having an actual valentine until like, WAY later in my life when I had my first BF at the age of 20 or whatever that was. I was a late bloomer. I did, however, have this one girl bring me flowers, balloons, and candy when I was in Catholic school. That was in the first grade. It’s not that I asked her to bring me stuff, she just did because she thought we were .~* meant 2 b *~. or something. I ended up sharing the candy with this boy I used to hang out with all the time and when we were sitting on the swings eating chocolates and gazing into each other’s eyes while giggling, I was all:

I mean I was in Catholic school, so “holy” is approps, right?

If you don’t have a valentine or you haven’t yet, I reserve the right to be your valentine today because we are all friends here and I love you and stuff. Anyway, tell me things about your first-ies. I am ready for story times. Go!

Who was your first valentine?