Question Of The Day: How Do You Find Out About New Stuff?

Greetings, my little hench persons! Did you all have a spanky weekend? What did you do? Did you miss me? I missed you. Let’s hug.

Oh Dick Roman. You big flirt, you!

If you haven’t noticed, I am a tad awful at writing intros to things. That’s okay though because once the ice is broken, it’s broken and there really isn’t any going back.

No, Jack. No.

Anymews, let’s talk about things. If you didn’t know, this week’s February Photo Challenge is all about new things. That means that you show us something new that you have via blogs, photos, art, etc. It’s going to be fun! I need a better way to announce these things and send reminders.

I would courier pigeon you all a note but heaven forbid the cat found this out:

Our plans would be ruined.

For today’s Question of the Day, let’s discuss how you find new things. This can be for anything your heart desires. Tell us how you find out new information about the things you lurve. Supa easy!

For me, it’s usually the internetz. Even though I find a lot of stuff out via Twitter and Buzznet, I still do that thing where I’ll just take a chance and venture into the real world, find things, and then just buy them to see if I like them. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do. What about YOU?

How do you find out about new stuff?

ps: go do the Photo Challenge!