Question Of The Day: What’s Your Favorite 90s Song?

Hey there, my little boo bears!

Did you miss me? I missed you. Since I had Prez Day off, I decided to use it to my advantage and take a hike. I’m talking about an actual hike. I traversed some baby hills and it was all kinds of fun. I also went to eat some nomz at a restaurant afterwards and had a cocktail, which is probably what you shouldn’t do after you exert yourself. ‘Tevs; YOLO.

Seeing as how it’s Kurt Cobain’s born day, I’ve decided to ask you all a very musical QOTD that pertains to a time when maybe you all were very young or maybe not even born. I, however, was in the spring of my life and very much green. I think every generation thinks that their msuic was the best and then you’re watching info-mercials at 3 a.m on the National Geographic channel as said music is being sold to you in a box set called AM Gold. It’s going to happen to your music, trust me. Just wait until the Rev is sitting in a dimly lit room as he goes on to talk about the the crazy days and nights on dirty tour bus excursions and bad diner food.

So let’s talk music. Let’s talk about bands from the 90s that you love. Your quest for today is to talk about either a song from the 90s or a band that was active during said time. Pretty easy, right? Are you ready? GO!

What’s your favorite song/band from the 90s?