Question Of The Day: Awful Recommendations

I already forgot what we talked about yesterday in the Question of the Day. I am also too lazy to go back to my own blog and look it up. I mean, that’s like, EXTRA lazy. I’ll do it later, mom!

Jeez Dean, I just said I was a lazy. Don’t judge me.

Since I am prone to reading many things on the internet, I remember reading something somewhere about a recommendation. Since I was bored, I remember going to said recommendation to check it out. What was that recommendation? How many times can I write the word “recommendation” in a paragraph? Should I stop?

Okay, Dean. I won’t! Anything 4 U BBAnyway, I was recommended this:

Look; I am vegan. I get that being vegan is gross to some people. That’s fine. Some vegan food is delish. Some of it is NASTY. I can admit that. It’s just like regular food. Some of it is good but some, not so much. The item above was probably one of the most foul things I have ever tried to eat ever in my life. Never again. Never 4get

I hated the above item. Do you?


Today, let us talk about awful things that people recommended to us. It’s a pretty easy thing to talk about because it’s happened to all of us. Are you ready? OMG GO!

What awful things have people recommended to you?