Pamper Yourself: DIY Facial Mask

So recently I have been going through a phase where I have been mixing up my own homemade face masks and lotions! It has been so much fun and has saved me some money. It all started when my face was super dry and nothing I was doing was helping. I stumbled across an amazing recipe for a moisture mask and it worked wonders. I just have to share because it actually worked! It is super easy and will leave your face feeling smoother than ever before. It smells yummy too!

Here is all you need:

Avocado, half a teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of plain greek yogurt

Now what?

Mix together in a bowl and make sure there are no clumps! It may be easier to use a blender to make sure it as smooth as possible.

Make sure your face is already washed and dry. Sometimes I like to steam my face so my pores are open and the mask can sink in better!

Rub the mask evenly over your face and keep on for about 20 minutes. Rinse off and your done!

Your face will feel as soft and smooth as ever 🙂

Do you have any homemade face mask recipes you use?