NIN3: Quirky Attention Grabbing Tees!

I recently discovered the amazing brand NIN3 and I must share it with you all! The label was created by Devon Leigh & Sideara St. Claire (who is actually wearing a cute NIN3 tee in my latest video “The Lucky Ones”). It strives to make everyone feel confident and beautiful in their clothes. Both gals learned how to sew at a young age and began making their own creations. As more and more of their friends requested clothes, Sideara & Devon realized they needed to turn their dream of sharing into a reality, and with that, NIN3 was created.

I thought it was very interesting where they came up with the name for their brand. You see – 9 comes after 8, the number representing infinity. 9 is the unspoken abyss that lies ahead of all of us, the undetermined future…so perfect! The girls recently launched their shop HERE!. Items are released onto the site in triplets, and their quirky, attention-grabbing, easily-DIYed, graphic tops are worn incredibly differently by each person. NIN3 encourages their customers to embrace their individuality and work hard towards their dreams.

One Love,