Learning From My Mistakes

For those who are involved in our amazing community on a regular basis, you know February was all about “loving yourself” on Buzznet. We shared posts about feeling empowered and loving ourselves simply for who we are. With hosting Music Notes and doing artist interviews, a portion of my job requires me to be in front of a camera. This is a very vulnerable place to be, lol.

It really puts a spotlight on all your imperfections – and gives others an opportunity to shout them out loud and clear. My hair is not always perfect, I make mistakes, stumble on my words and I sometimes have to sound like a cartoon when I laugh. That’s just they way they made me pals. When I am stuggeling in the studio my lovely producer Catilin and I channel young Jessica. Works everytime. But — I am also full of energy, can make my favorite artist laugh and when people tell me, “music rules” my heart bursts with happiness.

So, to wrap up a month of embracing all our imperfections and seeing them as a positive thing, here is a blooper reel we have put together from Music Notes. It’s fun to see mistakes as a part of who you are and what makes you unique. So enjoy and remember, YOU rule just the way you are.

Oh and, #musicrules too. Enjoy all my mistakes : )

[brightcove id=2193863961001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

What did you learn about loving yourself this month?

Hope you can catch Music Notes each week and all my artist interivews here on Buzznet!