Style Profile: Lana Del Rey

Sometimes when I burrow deep into the cozy blankets of my conspiracy theories (mostly shapeshifting reptilians, sometimes JFK stuff, etc), I start to think that perhaps there are certain figures, namely musicians, that are completely constructed by the fashion world to be beacons of style and light: to pose for their magazines, to wear all the pretty designer clothes, and to appear and perform at fashion-related events. (I also believe in aliens and ghosts). Should my theory prove true, Lana Del Rey would definitely be one of the products of this conspiracy, with her perfectly applied liquid eye-liner and increasingly voluminous hair, and of course, her sultry, 60s-inspired, ultra-glam style. (Other people that would fall into this category include Sky Ferreira, Rita Ora, and a handful of those British pop stars we don’t know too well over here).

Here are some of Lana’s best looks. Click through the gallery and comment on your favorites! What do you think of Lana’s style?


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