Get To Know: The Neighbourhood

Last week I was flipping through the channels and I stopped on the Alternative station of SonicTap, which is DIRECTV’s new source for all of your favorite music. Think XM Satellite Radio but on your TV. After a few refreshing selections, ranging from Foster The People to M83, I came across the music of the future. The beginning of the song reminded me of Lana Del Rey, with sampled yelling, bells and thick arrangements. That song was “Female Robbery” by The Neighborhood. Needless to say, I was hooked. A little over an hour later, SonicTap tugged on my heartstrings and played their current hit, “Sweater Weather,” which has the likelihood to be this year’s breakout hit. I smell a Grammy nomination on the horizon.

The Neighbourhood are a five piece phenomenon from Los Angeles, CA. While trying to think of a genre to put The Neighbourhood in, I came up short. Their dark and gloomy black and white aesthetic holds a hint of mystery. There’s really no genre to classify The Neighbourhood other than the one they are creating. It’s a sign of the times.

The Neighbourhood stands out with their diverse sound. Their EPs Thank You, and I’m Sorry… both manage to blend hip hop, rock and pop with sexy distinct rhythmic beats that get stuck in your head for days. Their next release, I Love You, will be released April 23rd.

Go here for a list of tour dates.

Check out “Female Robbery” and the video for “Sweater Weather” below:

“Female Robbery” (New Version) by theneighbourhood

What do you think of The Neighbourhood?

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