Get To Know: The Belligerents

Usually when I discover a new band, I’m on the hunt or just browsing through music blogs, etc. With this band, it was different: they came to me. Well, sort of. They followed me on Tumblr and I took it from there. Let’s get to know The Belligerents!

The Belligerents are a five piece indie/dance band from Brisbane, Australia. Seems like all the best bands are Aussies. They released their debut EP, Less Arty More Party, in 2011 and their second EP, She Calls The Shots, in mid-2012. Over time The Belligerents have supported and toured with international and local acts including Metronomy, Neon Indian, and one of my personal favorites, (and Artist Of The Month might I add) Strange Talk.

With influences ranging from Friendly Fires, Phoenix, and Franz Ferdinand to Joy Division and Talking Heads, The Belligerents don’t disappoint in the indie/dance genre one bit.

Check out the video to their song “Steal Money” below:

What are your thoughts on The Belligerents?

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