Kids Reenact 2013 Oscar Nominated Movies (Video)

Everything is always funnier when it is seen through a kid’s perspective. Especially when it comes to the 2013 Oscar nominated movies. That is exactly what Offical Comedy and Landline Tv paired up to accomplish by having adorable, hilarious, children reenact some of the biggest movies that are nominated for Oscars this year. The kids reenactments of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Argo, Lincoln, and many other Oscar nominated movies are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Jared Neumark from Landline Tv told Buzzfeed that the kids were naturals when it came to ad-libbing. “They’ll say lines wrong and we’ll keep that. We have the text of what they’re saying at the bottom of the screen.”

I laughed so hard when watching this video. The kids reenactments are absolutely hilarious! Watching this video is a perfect way to kick off Oscar weekend. Hope you enjoy it!