Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Acceptance Speeches

Jennifer Lawrence is racking up awards this season! We were thrilled for the gorgeous actress when she made to the podium for another hilarious speech at last night’s Oscars! The 22-year-old Oscar winning beauty is known for her LOL-worthy interviews and unfiltered acceptance speeches. When she won the Best Actress category last night, she didn’t let a little gravity keep her down and delivered yet another speech for the books!

Here are some of J-Lawr’s best acceptance speeches:

Oscars (2013)

[brightcove id=2188836493001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

“You guys are just standing up because I fell, and that’s embarrassing, but thank you!”

SAG Awards (2013)

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“And now I have this naked statue, which means that some of you even voted for me.”

Golden Globes (2013)

“What does it say? I beat Meryl.”

Peoples Choice Awards (2013)

“I wish this was like Mean Girls so I could break this up and throw it at all of you.”

Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards (2012)

“Inside I’m jumping up and down like a 5-year-old because Oliver Stone just gave me an award and that’s my Saturday?”

Critics Choice Awards (2013)

“Thank you to the Critics Assocation… it’s such a long word and I’m shaking, I can’t remember. Something about broadcast.”

Which of Jennifer’s acceptance speeches is your fave?