January, February a good start to the year.

Hi, I want to share that this year has started very bn, as many projects in door, new discoveries and many nice things.


This month I decided to start a new healthier lifestyle and better food, leave some red meat, but vegetarian me the truth a bit complicated to me.

Juice proteins
my new favorite silk coconut milk

corn cupcakes

my new hair color:purple

I discovered my new passion tissue and hot chocolate

BirthDate cupcakes for mike


the month of love, I really enjoyed this month I did a lot of stuff, new recipes, new cupcakes for my little shop, I continued my passion of taking care and discover new flavors, I fell in love tea and know its benefits, I began a new project with my father open a beauty salon, it certainly was a good month.

project bouquet of chocolate strawberries
new pet a German shepherd called kendo
February 14
Tickets for the show to pierce the veil
my two passiones

my new love chobani yogurt

matcha latte!

I will have it so the next few months, I hope great 🙂 xoxoxoxo angie