Hey You, Why Did You Change?

A blog is suppose to be a place where you share your feelings, right? A place where you can just be stripped,raw and tell your side of a story. Lay it all out with no hype or gloss.

Wanna tell you I’m alright. Wanna say I’m not in Pain, But I will just be telling lies. I’m not okay, Not Okay.

The art of people changing is something that has become more and more present in my life. I met someone who I thought fit perfect into my life. He was someone who could hold his end in a music conversation, make me laugh and treated me like I was on cloud 9.

Wanna travel back in time. Say the things I didn’t say. I wanna tell you everything if it’s not too late. Is it too late?

Sometimes I wish I could travel back and relive those moments. The van, the coffee shop, the t-shirt, the little head kisses. Maybe I should of been honest, I was after all holding back. I know your type. You sweep every girl off her feet in every city. I was never sure if you ever truly cared for me.

Stay awake and talk to me

Craving for a call, a text, a hey you. A moment where we just lay it out on the line.

Never really saw the real you, Never really let it go

There was always two sides of you. I saw one and got to actually experience another. I know everything and you probably don’t know that. I never really let it go that you were seeing somebody else while we were still (hand quotes) together.

Will you be there If I call? Will you leave me in the rain? If I say it’s all my fault, will you still walk away? I understand if you’re afraid. But people change.

So, now here we are, pretending like nothing happened between us. I still feel weird texting you, wearing the shirt you got me. See you’re the kinda person that believes in makin’ out once. Love ’em and leave ’em fast.I’m still left in a daze of what really happened. Feeling like I had to be perfect in every shape, but I couldnt do it. You write songs, I write blogs and this ones for you.


– The Hippie