Gabbie Brown Shares Her Adventures At Winter Jam

I know.. I know.. I’ve been M.I.A lately on my blog. Mostly because I’ve been traveling but, don’t worry. I got some AMAZEBALLS of post coming your way. This weekend I was in Chicago visting some friends and tour fam.

I was able to go hang out with some of my favorite people at Winter Jam again. Now, for those of you who don’t know what Winter Jam is.. Well, it’s the TOP SELLING tour in the world! It’s sold out pretty much every night. It’s one of those, gotta be there to understand the hype. It’s like a mini indoor music festival that includes 10 bands.

I love watching the show and to see it again made me fall in love with it even more. Some of my fav sets included OBB, Jason Castro, Red, Royal Tailor and Newsong.

But TobyMac hands down has me singing along every time. So many amazing elements in his set. Dancing, DJing, and lets not forget a Marching Band!

The highlight for me was being able to jump on stage and dance in front of 12,000+ people with my pals OBB and JAK. Now I’ve danced on stage with Katy Perry, but something about this moment was unreal. I had a moment where I just looked out and was in awe. It’s amazing that these performers get to see that many faces staring back at them. It’s almost overwhelming. Here’s a Video of the me in action.

If You Could Dance On Stage With A Musician Who Would It Be?