Find Your Way Through Oz!

I am always browsing the Internet for inspirations and ideas for my posts, so I tend to randomly come across really cool websites.

Recently, I stumbled upon this interactive Disney website that is based around the new movie “Oz The Great And Powerful” coming out this year. It caught my attention not only because of James Franco, but because it let me take photos with my webcam, explore the circus and even direct a hot air balloon through this crazy storm…pretty impressive. I took some screen shots from my “trip through Oz” to share with you all…

I don’t care how old you are, we all love getting lost in fairytale movies and games and this was the perfect combination of the two.

They even had a part for you music fans, where you can make your own song that plays throughout the rest of your journey!

SO whether you are a Disney and/or James Franco fan or you’re simply looking for something fun to keep you busy, I definitely suggest taking your very own “Trip through Oz” HERE!

How did you like it? Are you planning to see this movie when it comes out?