Finch ‘What It Is To Burn’ 10: ‘And We Are Here To Sing You A Song’

I can remember being 15 and a friend handing me a burnt copy of Finch‘s What It Is To Burn along with a copy of Thursday‘s 1999 release Waiting. These records were among the first of any “post-hardcore” bands I listened to along with Underoath and Taking Back Sunday. Finch was a new sound for 15-year-old Sara, and I will admit took me a few listens to really love. But inevitably songs like “Letters To You” and “Ender” became trademark songs during my sophomore year of high school.

Photo courtesty of Erica Lauren. More Finch ‘What It Is To Burn’ 10 photos.

Finch have just embarked on a anniversary tour for What It Is To Burn and Friday night I was once again in a crowd of late 20 and early 30 somethings to relive an album that we become attached to. Finch have been inactive since 2010, so when the opening band Weatherbox said, “Finch is up next.” everyone standing in The Glass House in Pomona, CA was taken aback by what was about to happen. And it was well worth the wait.

Finch played all 12 songs with passion, authority and as much energy as I would have imaged I would have seen 10 years ago. I was especially impressed with front man Nate Barcalow‘s vocal stamina throughout the set. (This record is not a walk in the park vocally.) When we reached one of the album’s closing tacks “Ender” his voice never wavered during the powerful chorus and he was right in his sweet spot as he sang, “and here we are to sing you a song.” Perfect.

I had to take a short video. Look at that crowd! “What It Is To Burn”

Nate also welcomed us with a sweet greeting saying, “Pretty overwhelming that you guys all showed up.” He went on to add, “This record means a lot to us and we know it does to you too.”

I have said this before and I will say it each time I see an album anniversary tour, the best part is being in a community of people who are just as attached to an album as you are. Again I heard stories all around me of fans reminiscing about the record and seeing Finch in year past. Each anniversary tour I went to this year (Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory and The Starting Line) have all acknowledged how special it is for fans to love an album and want to celebrate it a decade later. Well I guess that says something about my generation and the kind of fans we are. #musicrules.

What albums do you want to see an anniversary tour for?

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