Feng Shui Your Wallet (reblog)

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching

Loved this article from Mysic Medusa / had to share!

Status symbols? Pffft. Status has nothing to do with symbols. That was pre-Pluto in Capricorn. But symbolism is all important in magic. All magic does is manipulate unseen energies. All “occult” means is hidden. Money is energy. Prosperity is Qi. Your wallet is symbolically like a little pouch of gold that you would have carried with you in ye olden days. It can be a powerful prosperity symbol and talisman or it can be a portable junk repository. Feng Shui your wallet a.s.a.p for abundant results. Don’t believe me? Try it and see.You can do some of these or all of these, it doesn’t matter. Believe in the power of yourself as a prosperous, talented, hard-working and secure individual with major prospects…always.

* Get a new in-the-now wallet. This says ‘rad new start’ to the universe. The ideal new wallet is from a brand you believe in – it need not be handmade but think ‘value for money’ and certainly not sweat-shopped. It’s worth researching this purchase till you get the wallet that feels right, fits your values and aesthetic + has an abundance vibe. Red and/or Green are traditional $$ hues. Optional: a new wallet, new money vibe affirmation ritual with candle. Do NOT do these sorts of rituals in a cluttered space. Also, heaps of wallets have way too many card slots – seriously how many credit cards etc do they think we are going to have? Consider putting little affirmation cards or similar in the slots instead.

* Basil (the name comes from the mythical “Basilisk” serpent) is the go-to herb for money. Sprinkle a few drops of beautiful basil in your wallet to evoke the energy of this awesome magical herbs. If you want extra protection and cosmic moxy, get some sprigs of dried mugwort – Juniper Ridge has the best + the most amazing natural incenses etc fyi – and put those in your wallet as well. Mugwort was only called mugwort to deter the Muggles from knowing what it is – the most powerfully magic herb of all. Real name: Artemesia – herb of Artemis. A.k.a the Moon Goddess.

* Put two $100 notes in there and keep them in there. If you break them replace them. One is fine but three would be brilliant as three is the number of lucky Jupiter. I got this from the Gemini American Finance Guru Suze Orman – she is very rah-rah but actually really amazing. She has a whole line of thought behind this simple-seeming idea. Basically, if you have this $ in there (and it is integral that it is actually the hundred dollar notes, not smaller denominations) you feel prosperous and you are far less likely to buy crap. You don’t feel needy. It’s really hard to explain it until you do it but it is weirdly effective. She also says – and this is just uncommon sense i guess – that you should not have credit cards in there – it is not your money – it’s other people’s. The energy is off. You can also have a little print out bit of paper with the figure of the balance of any savings in there. Just to oomph up the personal little bag of gold vibe.

* You clean your wallet out every night and don’t collect unnecessary receipts, cards and general crap. All the dollar notes in there should be facing the same way and treated with respect. Treat money right and you attract more of it. You love money and money loves you.

* Everytime you give someone your money (ie; pay them, purchase something) you are affirming the value of what they do. You’re saying ‘I Love Your Work’ or ‘I Admire What You Do’ so if you don’t, don’t pay. I know this sounds simplistic but it is actually really powerful. It can stop you buying crap. Forget about old judgements such as frugality or gluttony. All you need to think is ‘do i love this thing enough to transfer my money/energy to it?’ It is not good qi to pay $ to companies or people who diss you and don’t give a fuq about your wellbeing.

* Finally, some other things with which to Feng Shui your wallet. Depending on your cultural values, you can get those three little Chinese wealth coins (that’s the classic way to Feng Shui your wallet) and put them in with your coins and/or add any one of these crystals: Jade, Peridot, Aventurine, Tourmaline…Green gemstones in general = money. Or you can get the scarily awesome Voodoo money attractant powders. Personally…because i think the Chinese & Celtic methods are safer/better, i would not go the Voodoo route, that’s just f.y.i. Also, i think the idea is to cherish and keep your dollars in the wallet (hence the symbology of the hundred dollar note/s always there BUT to circulate your coins. Don’t let coins just sit there stagnant. Churn them up and empty that bit of your wallet out regularly. Try to keep more gold in there than silver.

Have Fun and May Your Forever Prosper!