February Photo Challenge: Favorite Pair of Shoes/Clothing

Hello my lovely and dear Buzzneters, here I am with my first February Photo Challenge.

I have to say, I love this kind of stuff, and as I already said it, this is one of the reason I love BUZZNET, it’s unique, fresh and always original. I think there’s no another place like this!

So, in this first week has been asked which is our favorite pair of shoes/clothing.

You know, I definitely have a huge store in my guardrobe haha I have tons of stuff and every time I have to come out I always ask myself: “What could I dress today?” I think it’s pretty normal, especially for us, gurls. Right?

If for my favorite clothing I hadn’t to think a lot, since it’s been pretty easy picked one (ok, I admit it, it wasn’t so easy at all hahah) for my favorite pair of shoes was definitely hard!

My favorite clothings are two pieces from Britney Spears clothing line launched in Candie’s line few years ago and that my dear best friend Celine got for me (I also have the coat of this same line, always firmed by Brit herself)

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a huge Britney’s fan and when I knew about this line I was pretty excited, if I have had the possibility I would had to buy the whole collection hahah but I’m so closed to these two pieces.

The shorts are really comfty and in perfect Britney’s style, I’ve never had a pair of denim shorts that suit so well to my body like this one.

The tank top is fresh and you can combine it as well in a sporty look as in a more glamourous and chic 😉

About the shoes… I’m a shoes addicted! If I could I would like to buy a pair of shoes every day! I love so much heels, more high they are more I love them and I feel comfty.

I love boots, ankle boots, Louboutin – shape, décolleté, Litas, wedges, sandals, also sneakers and flip flops yeah, but I prefer to wear heels ;P

I have a lot of pair of shoes and the choice has been really hard but in the end I picked this amazing sequinned pair in Louboutin-style, 6.3 inches woop!

I could sleep also with them hahah I love them because they are perfect for every season and even though it couldn’t seem they are comfty and I feel really good walking in these shoes.

I think the whole outfit is so good: a mix of chic, glamour and sporty style! 😉