Fashion Spotlight: AnnaSophia Robb

The new “Carrie” may be pint-sized, but what she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in style (and curly blonde tresses)! AnnaSophia Robb has been in the biz since she was ten or so, but has most recently emerged as a budding fashionista as the successor (or technically predecessor) to Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” on the new hit CW show “The Carrie Diaries.” AnnaSophia fits seamlessly into the role, as well as those iconic Manolo Blahniks. Even if you are not amongst the devoted cult-like following who regards the full dvd sets of “Sex and the City” as their bible, you are sure to fall in love with AnnaSophia and “The Carrie Diaries.” I have captured some of AnnaSophia’s cutest and most memorable fashion moments for you to peruse.

Which of AnnaSophia Robb’s looks do you love the most???