DSDS 10th Season – Episode Ten Recap

So here we are.

Yesterday there was aired another mega DSDS episode.

[If you want to check the whole episode, just click HERE – thanks: RTL.de]

In the first part we enjoyed, more or less, other few auditions in Bad Driburg; in the second one we traveled with our eyes into Caribbean’s world and we have been snuggled by Curaçao’s sun and waves.

But let’s go with order.

Today will be emotional says the voice over, yeah more or less eheh

This is the final phase for Bad Driburg’s Recall.

Amin, Bojan, Marcelo, Daniel have to prepare “So soll es bleiben” by Ich&Ich

At the hotel with the vocal coach they seem to have few problems. And this is a new? HAHAHAH The 99% of the contestants had at least a problem. Oh God!

Daniel wasn’t agree with the song and he’s pretty worried, he cries and also drinks the holy water (this is just pathetic, I mean, it’s not a magic potion, it should be something of sacred and holy, you should use it under the shower and stuff like that, I don’t like when people jokes in this way with religion), he also has written the words on his hand.

Now, all of you are German and the song is in German.

I’m Italian and I know that song too! How is it possible that I can remember the words and you can’t?

Instead Marcelo makes some mistakes and forgets the words and obviously in the end he gets angry.

Hey man, why are you getting angry? It’s pretty useless your act! I mean, you had wrong and it’s not fault of nobody else so keep calm!

Dieter has two RECALL’s IDs, only two of them are going to pass and these two are Bojan (the judges say he’s a great candidates and a party’s guy) and Daniel (he cries again and Tom laughs buahahaha it’s not loyal Tom, ok I’m laughing too so it’s ok XD)

Timo is another candidate which get RECALL (Dieter says he sings heavenly) and so Diyana (which got compliments by Mateo, he said her way to sing is really good), Aline, Lara [the three girls sung “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys], Bjoern and Simone [which sung “Now & Forever” by Richard Marx]

So, after a lot of hard work and sweat, 36 candidates are officially part of Caribbean’s RECALL and are ready to flight with the judges in Curaçao.

But the destiny is written just for 10 of them.

Who will be in the Top 10 and rocks the DSDS Live-shows?

The twins arrived in Curaçao with this amazing car.

Thanks to my dad I can say it’s a 1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible, he was able to say me the model just looking at the gif above. Such a myth! He’s better than a browser eheheh

Mateo, instead, rides a motorbike in Renegade’s style. OH YEAAAAAAH

And Dieter drives a motorboat!

The judges greet the final 36 and then it’s already time to work and impress the jury!

Porto Marie, Curaçao – Day One

Maurice, Rene, Erwin and Lucas are the first group.

The song choice is “There She Goes” by Taio Cruz.

I have to say I laugh a lot when I see the contestant working on a choreography, not all feel comfortable doing them and some are like robots hahah

ok, by the way! I think Maurice is a great entertainer and also Mateo thinks it, “you are a cool performer”, Culcha Candela’s singer says and Dieter adds: “you are amazing!”

Also the other three guys receive good comments and it seems we start in the right way!

Oksana, Lisa, Lara and Angelina are the second group.

The four girls have to work on “Dance Again” by J.LO

Lara doesn’t seem appreciated the little dancing part and Oksana seems to be the leader of the group.

They start to discuss and Angelina starts to cry too!

It’s the time of the performance and before to start Dieter asks: “Everything’s ok?” and Oksana answers: “Fantastic!”, he continues “Any problems?” and the girl denies; “Was it easy?” and the she replies: “Yes”

Ehm, yeaaah, more or less! In my opinion it wasn’t so easy and it’s not everything ok!

While Lara sings, Bill and Tom looks eachothers and laugh hahahah bad bad boys XD

The performance isn’t so good and the judges aren’t glad about it and are pretty disappointed!

All the girls didn’t sing as they should: they forgot verses, were off-key and in general it wasn’t a brilliant performance.

It seems Jennifer Lopez is easy to sing but in this song there are few parts pretty difficult.

Denis, Timo, Simone and Micha are the third group.

“Don’t Wake Me Up” by Chris Brown is the song choice.

12 hours before the performance, at the hotel, the guys decide which part to sing but there are few problems between Denis and Simone.

“It seems to be at the kindergarten” says Micha. HAHAH yeah, damn! I can’t stand Denis, he seems he always has reason on anything! BORING!

The problems continue and Simone forgets few words but then he comes back to be focused on the song.

“Micha, you are the best singer of this season but you have few problems too!” says Dieter and then adds “Timo, I can’t say more than ok for you! And all of you sucked!”

Beatrice, Aline and Jolijn are the fourth group.

Aline is worried because she didn’t learn the song so well and she hopes to be able to improvise if she should forget the lyrics.

For Beatrice is the first time she sings in English and a song different from Schlager.

The song is “Euphoria” by Loreen.

Jolijn made a better performance at the audition and unfortunately here she didn’t give the 100%.

Mateo tells them this performance has been called “The Three T”: Toene, Text and Timing

The vocals (Toene) weren’t good and so the timing and the text.

Also Beatrice seems to didn’t have impressed the judges even though she was the one who tried to save the performance in the better of the ways.

Ricardo, Bjoern, Ricardo Schwarz and Kevin performs on “Scream” by Usher.

Dieter criticize Ricardo (Herr Herpes XP) for have left the hardest parts to sing to the other guys and he chose the easier! AHI AHI AHI XD Dieter adds Bjoern was the best of the group because he had the hardest part!

Bojan and Laura are the last two contestants for this episode.

They have to prepare “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera.

Ok, I have to say that I don’t like the song and I’m not a Christina Aguilera’s fan but she has a really great voice and Laura sung good only in the beginning when she was fixed, when she tried to move and put a bit of energy in what she was singing, she stopped to control her breathe and she went off-key.

And I’m agree with Dieter’s thought:

Definitely she seems younger than her age and she acts like she should be worried about anything, I don’t know if it’s clear what I want to say and my thoughts aren’t because of jealousy, because if I should be jealous of a 17-years-old girl I would be crazy hahah

I just don’t see in her a huge talent, she has to study a lot, especially for control her voice!

By the way, Tom liked the performance and Mateo says Bojan to be a great entertainer and tells Laura to be sweet.

Which is your favorite performance and candidate of this episode?