DSDS 10th Season – Episode Nine Recap

I would like to apologize for my late but I’ve been pretty busy in these last period and luckily now the episodes will be broadcast only once a week, each Saturday.

So this is what happened in the episode 9.

[If you want to check the whole episode, just click HERE – thanks: RTL.de]

Once again the judges will give another chance to some of the contestants and some of them are going to leave the show forever.

Susan and Kevin are the first two of this episode. I really like Susan and I’m curious about this performance. Kevin spends great words for her: she’s a real talent, how she plays the piano is… wow”

I love Mateo that always greet the candidates and spends few words with them.

The song choice is “Endless Love” – Mariah Carey’s version.

The positive sign: both great voice, they sing together and you can listen the two voices.

Who knows why can I immediately understand who is able to study an only damned song and bring it at home and got Caribbean’s RECALL without tears and other stuff.

Susan and Kevin are really professional. Loved their work.

Bill compliments with the two for the professionality and they both got the RECALL.

Silva, Nora, Simona and Lisa is the first girl group.

I like Nora, she’s so pretty but she’s so nervous and when the judges give them the song, “Lied von den Vergessenen” by Rosenstolz (I really love this song that means: “Song for the forgotten”) Nora starts to cry because this song reminds her mother.

Little thought: Silva is 30 and she seems young. Congratz XD

The four girls spend some time outside the Glass Cube and try the song, so lovely.

Ok, it’s time to perform: Silva unfortunately forgot the words and she’s not on-key :s

Dieter is in a quandary, well me too, Mateo is shocked, well me too.

Mateo says Silva has been poor while Simona, Lisa and Nora got positive thoughts and the three got the RECALL.

Dieter doesn’t understand why people can remember an only one song: “What will do when at the live-shows they have to learn three songs?” I don’t know, Dieter, I don’t know!

What I can’t stand is the tears of the contestants, damn, you have to learn few verses, and this is what you want or should want in your life, as job, could you focused a little bit more on your work? DANKE!

Braimi, Fairuz, Angelina and Elvan is the second girl group and now starts the freakshow. From this moment you will assist to pathetic and weird scenes with this group and the third one.

Ok, “Read All About It Part III” is the song choice and I’m still afraid about what they can do with this song and unfortunately I already know since I’ve seen a German report about that.

Braimi will have few problems during the preparation (typical).

Yep, you understood it really well. The girl with the pink top burped.

In the beginning, since the camera didn’t shot her, I thought it was Tom hahah poor my brother in law XDDD instead it was her! Really really feminine -.- NO COMMENT!

Obviously the performance is a disaster and only few parts are ok, and Bill asks Fairuz why she cried (he should ask her why she doesn’t cry, since she always has tears on her face -.-).

By the way, Elvan, the burps girl, is the only one that doesn’t pass.

[I have to post this photo hahaha Mateo you rock!]

The only one male group of this episode is formed by Maurice, Sergen, Natanael and Kevin.

“Halt dich an mir Fest” – Revolverheld ft. Marta Jandova is the song choice.

I really really love this song.

Nataneal had few problems with the language, it was the first time he sung in German. He doesn’t pass.

Bill compliments with the other: he says Kevin was nervous and he could do better and tells Maurice he has a great way to sing and with Sergen, they got the RECALL.

In this last part, luckily they kept it as last one, it’s a really freakshow.

Talina, Sarah Joelle, Oksana and Romina have to prepare “Prima Donna” by Marina & The Diamonds.

The part before the performance is damn stupid, Sarah Joelle has a ring at her index and it’s too much tight and she can’t remove it and she starts to cry, damn she seems a little girl! I can’t stand her! Finally Oksana removes it and she’s happy. Thanks GOD!!!

The four arrives at the audition dressed like bitches, especially Sarah Joelle -.-

Oksana is the only one, in my opinion, to deserve the RECALL but unfortunatelly also Sarah Joelle (for Tom’s joy hahah *sarcasm*) and Talina, the journey continues…

Which is your favorite moment/performance of this episode?