DIY your old jumper!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have so many items in your wardrobe that you either don’t wear anymore or items that have only once seen the light of day once or twice, so this is a great way to freshen up those old gems and create something brand new and original!

All you need is:

• an old jumper (I used a jumper I bought on sale at H’n’M nearly a year ago and have only ever worn once)

•needle and thread

•small artificial flowers/roses ( I used two different colours, pink and white, about 3.5 cms long and 2cm wide which I picked up for a small price at a local fabric store)

Firstly, lay your jumper down on a flat surface and measure the neck line of your jumper and depending on how many flowers you have, decide on the size of the gap between each one. Alternatively, if you have a jumper like mine which has gaps sewn into the pattern already, just spread them out evenly across the neckline.

Secondly, you need to start attaching your flowers! The easiest way is of course the old fashioned way, needle and thread. Use a colour similar to the jumper so that it isn’t noticeable. I found it easier to start from the middle and work outwards as it was easier to keep track of the gaps between each flower and keeping it centred and even. Carry on until you have reached the top of the neckline on each side of the jumper and there you have it! Your very own, revamped, one of a kind jumper to keep you warm and look great in!

Don’t stop at flowers, you could use many things such as spikes, diamantes, buttons, anything that you can get your hands on that’ll make it look fab!

So go on, have a go and show me your results! Feel free to ask me any questions that you have! Happy crafting!