Demi Lovato Should Go Fresh Faced Like This More Often

Between her tattoos, her BFF-dom with Hannabeth and super cool style, Demi Lovato is pretty much the living breathing muse of Buzznet. We’re used to seeing her with red lips, ever changing hair color and a cat eye that would put Twiggy to shame, but it seems she’s going for a new look!

In this month’s Cosmo On Campus, Demi appears GORGEOUSLY fresh faced, freckles and all!

UPDATE Demi does it again and is completely makeup free!

Check it out!:


This month at Buzznet we’re all about loving yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love-love-love makeup, but it’s really nice to see Demi rocking some au natural beauty, as opposed to her usual look:

What do you think? FRECKLES or FAKE LASHES?