Closet Obsession: Kaley Cuoco’s Dream Closet

Kaley Cuoco is the hilarious blonde-haired actress on the hit comedy show The Big Bang Theory. In the show, Kaley plays Penny, a ditsy aspiring actress and waitress from Nebraska who lives across the hall from a group of nerdy scientists whom she befriends in the series. Penny is also known for her disorganized apartment and bright wardrobe, a stark comparison to the real-life grounded Kaley Cuoco who plays her.

In real life, actress Kaley Cuoco is an organized actress who seemingly has it together – including her chic high fashion wardrobe and collection of art. And while Kaley isn’t much like her character on TV, she does like to have a good time dressing up and going out, a good time like you can have here on Cheekybingo.

Kaley’s home is spotless and organized, and her big walk-in closet is every girl’s dream down to the pink Chanel bags and rows upon rows of designer shoes that line the walls. In real life, her fashion taste (which included Miu Miu and Prada) is a hip, stark contrast to that of her character. “As much as I love my character,” she has explained, “we do not agree in the fashion department!” (via The Coveteur)

What do you think of Kaley’s closet? Is it what your dream closet would look like?