Buzznet Original: Hilena Halcyon

Like many a Buzznet-er from the past, Hilena probably joined our beloved internet land to share her love of all things My Chemical Romance & Muse. I may be presuming too much with that statement but I feel sort of correct after looking at many of her MCR/Bill Bellamy photos from back in ’08. It brought me back to my days of deleting thousands of MCR photos during the wee hours of the morning so that I wouldn’t ruin the servers here at BN. That was my job back then. Anymewz, I digress.

Y So Srs?

Hilena has been on Buzznet for a while. She has come and gone like many a Buzzpeepz and has just started to post again. Her photos are a joy to look at. They are crisp, full of life, and sometimes there are cute animals:

OMG Cuca 4 Evr

Most of her photos are nature themed and they are absolutely gorgeous. True to her musical beginnings here on Buzznet, you could say that her most recent photo is “on fire” with inspiration:

omg my joke was horrible 🙁

This next photo is stunning, to say the least. It was taken at her granparent’s house as the sun was setting:


We are glad that Hilena came back to say “Hello” to all of us and that she decided to share her lovely photography on Buzznet. Make sure you go and say hi to her if you haven’t already. Here’s to this week’s Buzznet Original, Hilena. Cheers!

You Are Always On My Mind

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