I hope you remember not too long ago Peter was stuck up in a Broccoli Tree. How he managed to climb all the way up there is still quite a mystery here at Bizarreland but he did !! Tiny Mr.Potato Head was successful throwing him a rope to tie around himself to get out of there !!

It was touch and go for quite awhile but somehow he was able to be pulled loose !!! But sadly he had a hard landing and was knocked unconscious for a time ….. Not knowing what to do Tiny Mr.Potato Head had to think quick and find Peter a Doctor to help Peter RECOVER !!!

Tiny Mr.Potato Head remembered they had a good friend who was a Doctor but they hadn’t seen him in quite awhile so there would be some searching to do to find him and call to see if he could come and CURE Peter’s BooBoo’s 😀

Well after looking in his phone book Tiny Mr.Potato Head was able to find his number and gave him a call. He agreed to stop by and check out Peters injuries ……… Tiny Mr.Potato Head picks up the story from here 😀

Hang on Peter I called a Doctor and he’s here to CURE your BooBoo’s TMPH said 😀

He’s our old friend DR.CRAB and he’s got all the CURES 😀

You might remember the time he dropped by for a visit a long time ago, but you didn’t know he was a Doctor specializing in CURING BooBoo’s 😀

Look Peter he’s here and he’s going to listen to your heartbeat first to make sure it’s strong and healthy ….

I know the stethoscope is cold but he has to do that first before he can CURE your BooBoo’s 😀

Well Peter your heartbeat is strong and healthy so now he want’s to make sure you didn’t hurt your feet, TMPH said …..

OH and look who he brought along with him it’s the Triplets and they are his helpers. One even brought a Band-Aid for your BooBoo’s 😀

OH and Dr.Crab said your feet look fine no breaks or fractures 😀

But now it’s time to check out your HEAD you were unconscious for a little while you might have a concussion !!

Well it’s looks like you might have to have your HEAD bandaged up since he did see some signs of a concussion !! And now you are ordered to be on some BED REST for at least a few days……

See it wasn’t that bad getting your HEAD all wrapped up like that it’s going to CURE your BooBoo and then we can finish this story next week when your all better and ready for your Buzznet Party …… So now it’s time for bed and some Sweet Potato Dreams 😀

To Be Continued 😀