So I thought you might like to see what has happened here in 24 hours !!! It’s been quite an experience we are used to snow but this was on the verge of historic. We must have gotten at least 30 inches of snow. There were 42 cars that became stuck in my town in the same place and the people were trapped in their cars for over 15 hours !! They had to be rescued and brought to the Fire department until their cars were towed away. This was even on a major highway not some back road. It’s going to take days or even a week to dig out …….. this is when everything started

The Doves were huddled together : )

The squirrels were enjoying a snack ……

Everyone could still enjoy the food ……..

It was looking quite pretty out ……

Just the right amount of snow ………

It was so pretty all the trees were flocked ………..

It really started snowing and the winds were high after midnight. I looked out and some of our trees were on the ground completely. That’s not a good sign since they may be split or broken. After more looking out the best I could I could see the snow was over the doors and the door knobs !!! None of the doors could open since they open out and there was a ton of snow against them. I have one door that opens in and I opened it just a bit and the snow was almost up to my hips and it was blowing so hard it blew alll over me. So that meant if for any reason we had to get out of the house the only way was climbing out a window ….. I went to bed not knowing what to expect in the morning but I decided to just sleep in and stay in bed. When I got up my husband was already out there shoveling the snow so we could get out. He was able to get out the garage door even though the snow was 2 feet high. He shoveled himself out !! I popped the door open and this is what I saw ………

Here’s a different angle ……

This was my patio table in the back yard !!!

The backyard was pretty but I can’t get to that area to feed my animals yet …….

I hope to be able to get there soon but the squirrels aren’t coming out yet they stay in their homes until they can get around 😀

I got a shot of my husband trying to shovel snow off a little part of the patio to get to the back door ……..

Now out to the front yard again it does look pretty when you look out toward the street but up by our house it’s so crazy I’m not sure how long it will take for this snow to go away !! But here’s a shot of our side yard and the shed ………

My Japanese Maple looked so pretty all flocked in snow with the blue sky behind it : )

But this isn’t very pretty : (

I had a new small platform feeder so I put it out on the snow mountain and the birds loved the seed ……..

And my Mr.Cardinal brightened up my day : )

Well I guess our 2 Groundhogs here on Long Island who predicted 6 more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day were right !!

Here is Malverne Mel ……

And Holtzville Hal ……..

Folklore says if the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2nd it will mean 6 more weeks of winter and if they don’t spring is right around the corner !!! We have very smart Groundhogs and very cute ones also 😀

So that was my last two days and I just heard on the news our Bowling Alley in my town just had their roof collapse. Thankfully no one was in there but because it’s right next to the railroad tracks it flooded them because the sprinkler system pipes burst !! I hope there aren’t any more disasters this week : (