Backstage Pass: Vacationer’s Next Record Will Be ‘A Continuation’ (VIDEO)

Vacationer is a band you guys have heard me talk about a lot on the site this past year and I hope this new batch of interviews will give you a better understanding why. Not only is their music refreshing, romantic and relaxing; they also might be the nicest band in history. #musicrules.

BUZZNET sent me to catch up with the guys at their show in LA earlier this week. Backstage at the El Rey I learned a lot about these four fellas from Philadelphia. In this portion of our interview we talked about touring, SXSW plans, making friends on the road and what to expect from their next record.

Check it out y’all!

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Hang in there we have a lot more coming up with Vacationer in the next few days. And check out all their music on iTunes; it’s lovely.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments