Ashlee Holmes: Back In LA (VIDEO)

Howdy folks! So… I’m FINALLY back in LA. It was so sad leaaving my family and friends in NJ, but I was ready to be back. Coming back here wasn’t as hard as it usually is because my best friend Jaclyn Marie Brinster decided to come back with me and visit for a whole week! Meeeep! –Now I just need to get her to freakin move here! We stayed with my boyfriend Sean. Jaclyn and I have never been to LA together, so we were really excited. I tried to film some of Jac’s visit with me, but we were just having so much fun most of the time that I forgot to film stuff. Jac and I hungout with my boyfriend and our friends, went out to some of my favorite hangout spots, hiked Runyon canyon, went thrifting on Melrose, spent some time at the Fairfax flea market, and had some coffee at Urth cafe. Be sure to check out the video below!! Also, check out the gallery for some photos from Jaclyn’s visit out here.

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