Artist To BUZZ Over: For King And Country

I’m always getting asked on my Twitter about music I’m listening to. So, I thought I would share my little secrets of bands and artist with my Buzznet viewers. This is your backstage pass to my music world.

This months artist to BUZZ over is none other than For King And Country. I’ve talked about them on my blog several times and I’m sure you have all seen my interview with them from last year (Here). But, I thought it was a good time to share why they are so BUZZWORTHY.

These guys have been taking the music world by storm, and by storm I mean storm. They have been featured on CW shows, toured on Winter Jam, Itunes Breakthrough Album and not to mention an apperance on Jay Leno.

Joel an Luke are brothers from Australia who now live in Nashville (ladies, melting everywhere).Yes, the accents are swoon worthy. Their debut album, Crave has gotten everyone talking. Including Billboard, who named them New Artist To Watch.

So Why Check Them Out?

1. One of the best live performers I’ve ever seen

2. They write their own songs that are unlike any others

3. When listening to Crave you’re getting hit with so much passion and power.

4. They play almost every instrument

5. The defintion of True Gentlemen. They created a movement about respecting and honoring women.

So go ahead and stalk them.

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