Amanda Seyfried, Jude Law, Bradley Cooper & Bruno Mars Star In Movie Together?

I know what you’re thinking… that many superstars in one movie? No freakin’ way. Well, you’re half right. Amanda Seyfried, Jude Law, Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and a myriad of other actors like Gerard Butler, Matt Damon, and Jessica Chastain all lent their expertise to a mock-movie trailer orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel. The sequel to last year’s post-Oscar spoof Movie: The Movie was entitled Movie:The Movie: 2V and told the story of an apocalypse orchestrated by sexy vampires, lechrechauns, and zombies. It’s 9 minutes of amusement poking fun at all the mystical, magical movies of the year! My favorite cameos were Jason Schwartzman as a robot, Oprah as president and Chris Rock as the voice of a cartoon beaver.

Do you think the sequel lives up to the original viewed over 20 million times on YouTube?

Watch both below and share your thoughts!

Movie: The Movie: 2V

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Movie: The Movie

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