A 12-Year-Old Girl Built A Rocket And Sent Her Hello Kitty To Space!

I’m not sure if you know this, but I am a OBSESSED with space… OUTTER SPACE. I have a model solar system in my bedroom that I fall asleep to every night. I still believe that one day I’ll be an astronaut. My goal in life is to start the first media company on Mars. My mom thinks I’m bonkers.

Here’s a pic of me with my most recent rocket, The Stormcaster:

Given my love of all things space and my huge suppoort of young girls kicking serious science BUTT, it’s no wonder this amazing YouTube video made my heart burst into rainbows.

How impressive that a 12-year-old gal built a rocket, shot her Hello Kitty to space (almost) and then returned it safely home? We salute you Captain Lauren Rojas!

Watch this and prepare to explode with joy!

Now, tell me all about your future adventures! Are you destined to be a space cadet? Are you a deep sea explorer in the making?