The A-Z Of Twilight

We may have said good-bye to the Twilight Saga in 2012, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget all the magic, romance and adventure that captured our attention and made us long to be vampires!

To keep Twilight close to your heart and fresh in your memory, take a peek at our Twilight A to Z! Buzznet has highlighted everything important fans should have etched in their brain about the wildly successful series!

A: Apple – The symbolism of Bella and Edward’s relationship

B: Bella Swan – The protagonist of the Twilight series, played by Kristen Stewart

C: Cullens – Edward’s family, comprising of Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper

D: Denali Coven – A coven of vegetarian vampires located in Denali, Alaska

E: Edward Cullen – A main protagonist in the Twilight series, played by Robert Pattinson

F: Forks, WA – The real-life town where Twilight takes place

G: Gift – The vampires all have gifts, like Alice’s ability to see the future and Edward’s ability of mind reading

H: Humans – The people Bella had contact with the most, including a pre-fame Anna Kendrick who played Bella’s friend Jessica.

I: Isle Esme – The island where Bella and Edward go on their honeymoon

J: Jacob Black – Played by hottie Taylor Lautner

K: Kissing – Something Bella and Edward do a lot of…like, A LOT

L: Love Triangle – Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob, there’s no doubt that the Bella-Jacob-Edward love triangle is one for the books

M: Meadow – The magical place where Bella and Edward go – Bella first sees Edward’s vampire characteristics (his sparkling, speed, and strength) there.

O: OME – OME, which stands for “Oh My Edward,” was a big Twi-Hard saying

P: Piano – Edward sure loves his piano – and even writes a song for Bella on it!

Q: Quiletes – The Wolf Pack tribe (including Jacob Black) are part of

R: Renesmee Cullen – Bella and Edward’s fast-growing baby girl, played by Mackenzie Foy

S: Stephenie Meyer – The author of the books, Stephenie Meyer came up with the idea of the story after a vivid dream she had of two people

T: Twihards – They’re the ones who buy the tickets, the merch… and camp outside for days in freezing temps to sneak a peek at their favorite Twilight stars!

U: Undercover – The number one rule of the Volturi: the existence of their kind should be kept undercover

V: Volturi – The largest and most powerful of vampire covens, led by Aro

W: Werewolf – What a majorly hot Jacob Black turns into, along with his Wolf Pack famiily

X: Xavier Samuel – The Australian actor who plays Riley Biers

Y: Young Adult – The genre the Twilight books are in

Z: Zafrina – A South American vampire and member of the Amazon coven

What is your favorite Twilight memory?