Who Wore It Better? The Winter White Gown: Taylor Swift VS. Emily Blunt

This may come as a shocker to you, beloved readers, but I don’t wear a whole lot of white. Aside from the fact that it seems ill-suited to my disposition, I’m kind of a messy eater and I have an aversion to doing laundry too often. That being said, Taylor Swift and Emily Blunt are apparently not too much like me (in any department really, but this post is not about that, lucky for you). Both blonde beauties chose white gowns fo their respective awards shows this past week, each taking the same idea and making it her own. Taylor wore a twenties-inspired gown with a minimal twist, complete with daringly down-to-there v-neck, while Emily opted for more a Grecian thing, wearing a sleek dress with bejeweled collar and a slighter elevated hemline,

Which winter white lady wore it better?


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